Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The evil surprise chapter 5 AllAlone

Cadenzas POV

We walked through this jungle. It was like it was never ending. *russell, russell* the bushes russell in the wind... But... Was it the wind? The wind, howling like wolfs... Almost like it was midnight. I didn't want to get my skirt dirty! I'm using this for a special dinner that's coming up! But... I'd like to survive... So... I don't really have a choice... 

C- Ally??? Uh.... Did you hear those russelling sounds?
A- Yeah... Uhh... I think it was just the wind....
???- Silly chickens! Starting to go somewhere? OH! NOW YOUR NOT! *Jumps and tackles them to the ground* GUARDS!!!! TAKE THEM AWAY! 
C- Ally... We might not survive after all... 
*both starts tearing up* 
???- OMG! Thanks girls! You guys just made me think of a punishment! Awesome! And know one will care that your on earth or not! Hahahah (evil laughs) And! *takes off her descise*
C&A- SOPHIE????!!!! 
A- Our high school bully? 
C- The one who killed my sister? AND HER FRIENDS!!!!??? 

I start to get sad... I miss Molly. She was the bestest sister. She saved me. Her friends were always nice to me and Ally. Especially when we where younger.... Like 5. *sigh* at least if I don't survive I'll get to see them... Again... *slightly smiles with tears in her eyes*

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