Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Hangout Part 1 Chapter 1 All Alone

Ally's POV

I'm board, what can I do? What should I do? I deleted all my games on my iPhone cause those games are kind of for little kids. I've watched all the latest YouTube videos. Especially Aphmau 😀! I just went on Wattpad. SERIOUSLY???? There are NO updates! Oh well... I went and called Cadenza to see if she was around. Haven't seen her in months! FINE! It's weeks but still! It's along time! Also a alone holiday for me. 

*call starts*

C-Hi! Ally?! Is that you???
A-YES! Hi Cadenza!
C-Ally! I've got so much to tell you! Did you see the latest Aphmau vid?
A-Off Course! Dante is is sooooooooo much trouble! 😛
C-I know right! I can't wait un till the next vid!
A-I'm gonna die if it hasn't uploaded tomorrow!
C-Ally! Give Aphmau time! It takes her LOADS of time just to work on one video! 
A-I guess... So! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out! If that's ok with you...
C-Sure! I'm board anyways, why don't you come to my house? Bring your iPad to play Minecraft.
A-Ok! See you in 10min?
C-Ok! See you soon!

*call ends*

Cadenzas POV

OMG! I haven't seen Ally in ages! I'm so excited! I've actually been baking ! I just need to decorate the cupcakes! So... That could be our morning tea! Right! Sound good! *knock knock* Yay! Ally's here! I open the door.

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