Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The darkness, the survival chapter 3 AllAlone

??? POV
Yes! I've captured them! After ALL they have done to me! *evil laughs* Oh! Better go! I leave them in a cave in the dark jungle. I have to say, the day is way better that the night! I leave and I only know the way out. I made my way to my Cassel. Everything is now better!

Ally's POV 
*Wakes up* A-Where are we? CADENZA! WAKE UP!
C-Hu? Oh... Ally! Where are we? 
A-I don't know but I don't think it's safe! 
C-Me nether, should we stay here or go exploring?
A-Exploring, that would probably be the only way... Especially if we want to get out of here! Ok! Let's go!

*they don't know we're there going but there going the right way to the exit😀*

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