Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Book lovers

Hope you like our NEW series of books. That right NEW SERIES!!! I'm super excited to get started! Hope you little cupcakes enjoy!

Book lovers 1

Chapter 1

“OMG! I'm such a book worm! I can't believe I've read 3 books in 1 week with the book reviews and posted them on my sugar cat corner blog. I mean how fantastic is that? And now I'm in the middle of reading this other book. I'm half way through too!” I sighed… “I'm bored, I need some entertainment.” I walk down stairs. I turned on the tv. “Dogs 50% off! only at wet pets!” “WAIT, WHAT?” I ran outside and as soon as I came back i had a little pup called Holly. She was too adorable with her tennis ball brown eyes! Holly had golden fluffy ears and a big FAT fluffy tail. Her paws were soft like pillows. I went upstairs with little Holly and started something.

Chapter 2 

Little Holly barked and rolled around playing with her little peanut butter bone on her bed. “Was it time? To start… Making books?” Holly looked at me happly with her little pink tongue poking out of her mouth. Well, I did have some things to write about. Did I? I started a little book called Holly pupling but I wasn't so sure about publishing it. I imagined me! As a famous book writer. I would write stories for kids, adults and others! I mean… How hard could it be?

Chapter 3

I had to start drawing! I could only draw stick people. Or should my friends be in this with me? I knew chloe LOVED drawing! She would never stop doodling! Every time she was bored at school she would draw all over her books and work! I mean… That's crazy! But not for her. I called Chole on my cell hoping she would pick up. “Hi Chloe here!” “Chole! You wanna draw stuff for my series of book I'm gonna make?” I heard her phone drop and paper rustling and pencils drawing on the paper. Ok. That was probably a yes. Ok that was definitely a yes. She picked up her phone and started shouting at me from the other end. “What kind of books is it? What is it about?” Ok now you could see how desperate she was.

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