Sunday, 10 April 2016

Book lovers 2 the unexpected publisher

Chapter 1

“Wow! This is so exciting! A fresh new start to our loving story life's! Ok… What to write?” *Knock Knock* “BARK BARK!” “Holly! Seatle down girl! Now who's at the door?” “Hi Chole!” “Hi Nikki! Looks like your little friend is excited to be famous because of our BFF… Books!” We started to write this book about drama. NOT the real acting drama the other one. We wrote a book about this high school girl being left out then coming famous. Chole did the besets drawings!

Chapter 2

When we were walking down the hallway at school going to our lockers people were screaming with joy and crowding us. They were taking pics with there phones and we even got a photo holding one of our books in the school newspaper! Ok I had to admit it but this life is a dream!
I saw Lillie Rose with a big smirk on her face. She was up to something! But what?

Chapter 3

That little smirk soon turned into a smile… Soon Lillie rose was holding a book called “all alone.” Hey! I wrote that! Wait a second… It had this bit of writing author: Lillie Rose Pink
No! She couldn't! Evie came rushing up to me. “Nikki, nikki! All of your time wasted!” “Evie?! What do you mean?” “Lillie Rose copied your book! I said don't but she wouldn't listen. I'm ever so sorry!” “Yeah… I saw that… Excuse me but I've got an idea.” I picked up by phone from my pocket and dialled a number. “Yes? Hello? It's Nikki speaking.” “Is this Nikki twee leaf? Oh hello Nikki dear! How are you? Bet your writing a lot lately! Is there a series's for all alone? That's a really cool book!” “I'm good thanks! Umm.. I'd like to report someone…” “Who is it dear? Splurt It out!” “Lillie Rose Pink” “yes? What has she done?” “She's… Copied my book… All alone?” “Oh that's not good!” “Yeah… You might want to see her about that. She's this… Bullie at my school.” “Oh dear! Ok I'll see u at ur school in the office at 1:00.” “Ok. See you.” Ok, now I was really worried! 1:00 was at bio and Max was there! We worked together. Lillie was so jelose of us. (Max is my… Friend. More like crush!) anyway I did as I was told.

Chapter 4

 12:58 I was waiting out
side the office. Hey! A bit early just in Case. “Hi Nikki? How can I help? Oh wait I know! Now where is this Lillie?” “Room 202 sir. Would you like me to take you there?” “Gosh! Your a lovely kid you know! Yes please!” We walked up stairs, through like 7 hallways and we were there. “May I see miss Lillie Rose? She will be with us for about ½ a hour or so.” “All right. Miss Pink?! Run along dear. Bring your stuff just in case where done by the time you come back.” “See you loses later! I'm missing Bio class! Hope you have a bad test!” “Miss Pink! You've now got a catch up!” “Oh…” *sigh* “see what I mean?” “YEAH! She's a drama queen!” We had a bit of a meeting. After that Lillie Rose got sent to the… Princables office. I don't know what happened in there. Luckily that book wasn't published! Yet. Now… Back to the stars! Chole and I were super duper happy! Like totally! Now all was left to do was make Lillie the broken star! Hey! I don't want to be mean but… She totally deserves it!

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