Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Book lovers 3 the switch of the bffs

Chapter 1

“Lillie, please don't drag me into this, but… I don't want to be your BFF.” “What?! Evie how could you!” “Your super mean Lillie! Everyone hates you… Even… Me. How could you do all those pranks and things to Nikki and Chloe. You always shout at me and tell me what to do like a psycho mum!” “Oh, just SHUT UP! Evie! You wanna play it safe and tell? Go ahead!” “I will! Wanna come with?” Evie went storming off into the principal's office. Now I could see how this was going to end. Not in a good way. Oh. Yes just saying Chloe and I are over hearing everything! “Um Evie?” I caught up with her. “Sorry Nikki. This is not the time to talk.” “Meet me at my locker after then. My locker is 207.” “Alright thank see you there then.” “Good luck! See you!”

Chapter 2

 ~Later that day~ “umm… Nikki?” “Oh hi Evie! What up?” “Not much, I was wondering. I'm such a bookworm like you and…” “You want to write with us? You're in, girlfriend!” “Yay!” “And… How do you think the new Evie's going to look like?” “New Evie?” “I'm getting glasses this afternoon.” “I bet you would look lovely with glasses!” “You really think so?” “YEAH!”

Chapter 3

Anyway… Later that afternoon we saw Lillie rose with a mad face. A lot of a sad face too! She probably got detention or something. The next day I walked into class. Two prison guards were standing next to Lillie rose. What was going on? Wait! No… She didn't get in Jail because of me? She was wearing something like a onesie but black and white striped. Well… Her fault for copying me! My stories are copyright people!

Chapter 4

Back at home room my teacher Anna was standing next to another girl. The girl looked about my age. She had blonde hair with a strip of blue. She had a silver sparkly scarf with a long sleeved top. Her blue demean jeans really matched her hair. “Good morning class. This is a new student from west coastal Ozzie. Her last school was st Mary's and her name is Amy…” “Amy? I know a Amy!” I called out. Opps! I wasn't supposed to call out. “Nikki? Is that you?” “What does it look like?!” We just hugged and talked. The class was starting to stare at us. Ok, this was getting awkward. I saw a spare seat. “So, Amy. You know someone? That's good! There's a spare seat next to Nikkis. Would you guys like to sit together?” “Yes please!” “Ok, Nikki's been here for a while and will help you with your work.” Yay!

Chapter 5

 ~After class~ “Nikki! Amy! Come please! You're not in trouble.” “Whew!” “Nikki. You know that spear locker next to Chloe and yours?” “Yes.” “I thought Amy would like it.” “Show her, her new locker and hers some decorations to decorate. Go crazy but not too crazy! Ok?” “Ok” “oh! Before I leave. When the bell rings you can keep decorating but then at 2:00 come to my office.” We did as we were told. “I wonder what we have to do at 2?” “Hope we're not in trouble!” “I don't think we would get in trouble.” As soon as we were done Amy had a silver and blue sparkly, special locker. “Oh! 10 minutes to 2!” I heard footsteps coming. “Who's that?”

Chapter 6

“Oh it's just Chloe!” “Who's Chloe?” “????? Hi? NIKKI!!! WHOS THIS!? Don't say you're betraying me!” “NO NO NO! Amy! Wait no! Chloe!” Chloe walked off. “ Don't say I lost a friend!” I whimpered. “Sorry, Nikki.” “That's f-f-f-fine. I-I-I-it's not y-y-y-your fault.” Words were buzzing through my brain. What shall I do? I sat down on the bench next to my locker. “Hmm… I Know! What about we have a sleepover!” “That sounds great! Is there a reason?” “Of course! Ok… You know how Chloe got of on the wrong foot?” “Um… I was here Nikki.” “Yeah… Having a sleepover would mean everyone would get to know you and we won't have any miss understandings. Sound good?” “You know it!”

Chapter 7

 “Oh! Look at the time it's 1:59! We better go to the office!” “YUP!”  We walked fastly to the office. Ok! We ran… Hey! There was nobody around to tell us off! Anna was there waiting. “Hello girls! You're right on time! It just turned 2:00 when you barged in. He he he.” “Hello Anna. Was there something you needed us to do?” “Oh! Yes! Why would I be waiting here for nothing? Ok, Amy has go her stationery right here on my desk. I was wondering if you wanted to help Amy label her stationery?” “Oh yes please!” “Ok, I've got some vivids, pens, tape and more. You girls can work together now. I know! You can work on this table.” “Thanks!” “No problem! You girls may go home early after. You two girls have fun this weekend! Bye” “see ya” ok labeling took like 5 minutes. We walked to Amy's house to pick up her things and then we walked to mine. I text Chloe and Evie to come when they're ready. As soon as we got home Chloe was waiting for me. “Oh… You! See ya!” “No no no! Wait! Chloe! Please! Let me talk.” “What?!” “I would like you to meet Amy. I know you guys got of in the wrong foot and I'd like you guys to be friends and get to know each other more. Is that ok?” “Well. I guess…”

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