Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chapter 1 

"Hi Nikki" "hi Amy, Sorry about last night. Didn't mean that to happen." "Nikki?" "Yeah...??" "Who is your real BFF?" "You. And Chloe and Evie. Why?" "Just wondering. Did you hear that it's Chloe's last day today?" "Yeah, I know" "she is moving because of friendship reasons and other stuff." "Oh no." "Plus, you can't just force someone to be there friend." Amy walked away. Click. Click. Evie came with a pen and paper. She drew a lovely card. It said

Dear Nikki

Sorry things turned bad in the end. So Sorry to hear that Chloe's moving too. At least we tried to make them friends. I guess they were not meant to be. Anyway... Would you like to come to my house this afternoon?

From Evie Star

*sigh* Evie's such a nice girl! I love her! She really knows how to cheer someone up!

Chapter 2

I want this day to never end, but then... End! I don't know what I really want. What if I could go and fix up the past? Oh! Now we're talking! That would be great! But... A time machine... That's not invented.... At least I don't think so... I really want Chloe to stay. She was my only bff here for a while. I moved from the West Coast, In Ozzie... Like Amy. Amy and I... Well.... It's completely complicated! We are cosines. WAIT! Is it... Too late to say sorry? Uh.... I've got to go explain! Chloe must believe me! I hope so anyways....

Chapter 3

I run as fast as I can to Chloe's house. I see a note on the door, my heart sank. They've left... I quietly sit down on the doorstep. In pain. My heart raced. My broken heart was getting wrecked even more! This had to be a dream. I quietly softly sang while balling my eyes out.

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down

Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?

I'm sorry yeah

Sorry yeah


Yeah, I know that I let you down

Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?

It's late.... I'm late.... *sigh* What happened to the better days? We're we were... Friends! I-I-I-I.... I don't know. I look through my journal, I always carry it around with me. It's like a diary. But... Not. Just the special memories. The past memories... 

Chapter 4

I look at what I wrote, in grade 3. Creative writing! With Chloe! We were almost too crazy!

You better run to Auckland sky tower because zombie Dogs are on their way this Halloween. The zombies came to life after a Orange Juice spill in Countdown. Our only hope now is that John Key will be able to fight them off with their Happy Butt fairy. Whatever you do, don't eat any Cheese burgers because the zombies have been laying them as a Happy trap. As soon as you take one bite, you'll start to Flying in place until zombie comes and gets you.

I loved the past... What if she forgets about me and moves on?

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