Thursday, 5 May 2016

Book Lovers 4 friendship

Chapter 1

We walked upstairs into my room and got our sleeping bags ready. “Hey! Look! It's Evie!” Chloe calls out to me. We all tumbled down the stairs. *Crash, Bang!* “hi Nikki! Oh who's this?” Evie looked down at Holy. “Bark. Bark.” “OMG!!! Squeee! She's so cute! She does these cute barks!” Evie was a pet kid. She really wants to own a vet when she grows up and adopts lots of animals. You could just call her a animal lover. Ok she's more than a animal lover. She was like 10x 100% of an animal fan.

Chapter 2

As I put the popcorn in the microwave I heard some noises. “Nick is my BFF!” “No she's mine!” “Did you know she hates you?!” “Girls, girls calm down! Nikki wants us to get along.” Ok, that was Evi. I hope Evie breaks up the fight before I come back! I walked so slow that it took me 5 minutes just to get to the lounge that was next door! “Is there anything that's going on?” “um… To be honest…” “Wait! Where Chloe and Amy?” “Yeah, they left. They kind of had a fight.” “Oh no!!” “Are you thinking what in thinking?” “What are you thinking?” “THIS IS BAD!!!” “Yup! We were thinking the same!” “How did they start the fight?” “Well I was getting holly her peanut butter bone when I came in with her and I heard something about you hating one of them and they were fighting about who's your real friend” “but… There both my BFFs. I hope they know that.” “Well… I don't think they did know.” “Sigh, what can I do?”

Chapter 3
(Chloe's side)
“Mum?” “Yes sweetie?” “Can I move schools?” “Why?” “Because I feel left out and this Amy girl is taking over Nikki” Tears started dribbling down her pink cheeks. “Acutely, your dad got a new job somewhere far away. I was thinking we could move there too, but I knew you had other friends. Maybe we could move there.” “That sound… Ok… WAIT! But Nikki and Evie!” “Oh, darling… We can stay?” “No, no. I'd rather move.” “You sure?” “Totes shore mum!” “Alright, if you want to”

Chapter 4
*RING RING* “oh that's my phone. Got to take this!” “Umm, hello?” “Hi Nikki. How are you doing?” “Hi Chloe, I'm doing fine thanks. How about you?” “About me… I'm moving.” “WAIT! WHAT?” “I'm moving… Moving to around about Akland?” “You mean Auckland?” “Yeah! That's it” “that's a 8 hour drive.. From memory… Auckland has lots of traffic too!” “Yeah, maybe we could text or something?” “Shore!” “I've kind of got to start packing… Bye” “????. Umm… Ok. Bye.” “MUM!!!!” “What? Are you ok?” “NO! CHLOE'S MOVING AWAY! (WAAA WAA WAA!!!)” “oh… Is she?! Do you know why?” “No.” “Oh.”

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